Find washable nail polish for kids.

Natural, non-toxic, washable nail polish for kids.

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Everything nice – that’s what girls nail polish is made of!

Welcome to SNAILS kids’ nail polish!

Free of The Toxic Trio wasn’t enough for us!

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The world’s first 100% European made water soluble nail polish that is easily washable and made especially for little glamour girls — with no harmful chemicals or toxic substances. Now families can rest easy that dress-up and imaginative play stay safe, simple and sustainable.

Time for little ladies to emulate mummy and explore exciting cosmetics with the world’s safest nail polish. SNAILS Kids range will delight imaginations with 18 vibrant colours, each with a glorious high quality gloss and deliciously gentle fragrance. But the beauty of our custom-formulated children’s nail polish extends beyond skin deep.

Despite the name, Snail Kids products are also popular among women who prefer a washable nail polish that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.

You can buy SNAILS with absolute confidence because every polish is 100% European made. This means we satisfy the world’s strictest cosmetics laws. Our children’s nail polish is lovingly made using our revolutionary three–ingredient formula. With SNAILS Kids nail polish there are no harsh harmful chemicals, so there’s no risk. Just genuinely natural nail polish that is safe for girls of all ages to enjoy.

Revolutionary formula: SNAILS Kids is made of three safe, simple, main ingredients: water, acrylic polymer and non–toxic colorants.
Biodegradable: all SNAILS Kids nail polishes are packaged in recyclable bottles and boxes
Eco friendly: we never test on animals and our products carry enhanced green credibility.
Completely soluble: no harsh solvent–based remover needed. Simple soap and water effortlessly remove SNAILS Kids nail polish.
Hypoallergenic: SNAILS nail polish for children is purely chemical and toxin free. So little nails are kept safe, sound and splendidly coloured.

Now it is safe for kids to colour their world and their nails. Let SNAILS Kids make imaginative play more safe and precious. Order your completely natural and non-toxic children’s nail polish today. Or register your interest in stocking or supplying SNAILS here.