Snails Body & Hair glitter

Snails Body & Hair glitter is a safe way for little girls to spray on a variety of body glitters without making a mess! It is quick, fun and of course, child-friendly.

Besides…all princesses deserve to shine!

Snails Lollips

Snails Lollips by Snails are lip glosses for children! These cute little lip glosses are super fun for girls to play dress-up with, along with Snails nail polishes.

Snails Eye Shadows

Sweets are a child’s best friend, associated with happiness, colours and feeling of overwhelming joy. Cakes are usually associated to special occasions and celebrations. Regular children eyeshadows are in plastic palettes whereas Snails adds eco-friendliness. A safe formula made in Italy and an element of fun to its unique cake eyeshadows.

Snails Nail stickers

The finishing touch: Stick-on fun 🙂

Snails Nail stickers are the super-quick way to make fingernails fancy. Peel off a sticker, stick it on and that’s it – instant 3D nail art!

Snails Nail Glitter

Sparkles are a girls best friend!
This is why we made magic in a bottle for your little princesses to use and have fun with. Snails glitter collection is quick and easy to use. Paint your nails with your favourite Snails nail polish and sprinkle some glitter to add shine and glamour. If you want the magic to last long simply add Snails Natural Top Coat. Cosmetics have never been this fun and safe!

Snails Hair Chalks For Girls

Little girls can now safely, temporarily colour their hair with Snails Hair Chalk, offered in a pack of 2 magnificent colours. Your little girls can apply any colour they desire on their hair in a few seconds, as well as mix and match their painted nails with their coloured hair!

Snails Jewelry Tattoos

All girls of all ages love their Jewelry!
Snails Jewelry Tattoos is a new and safe way for your daughters to decorate their skin and show off their beautiful designs.

Snails offer Metallic Tattoos with 25 different designs or Neon Tattoos with 22 vibrant pinks, yellows and greens! Your little rebels can now decorate their skin with Snails Jewellery Tattoos and feel special.

Snails Face Tattoos

Snails Face Tattoos are the evolutionary new way for little girls to dress up without stains!

No need for paint and cheap products! Like a sticker, you just place it on your desired area. Two easy steps: remove, stick and you’re ready!

Dress up has never been this fun and safe!



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