S’n’B Magic Peel Off Base

One little miracle to another: S’N’B Magic Peel

Every S’N’B product is a little miracle —Once again S’N’B did the magic again;.

Safe ‘N’ Beautiful offers once again one of the best and safest quality cosmetics in the world.Are you tired of the same boring technique of removing Nail Polish with acetone, which furthermore is toxic for your skin? — Safe ‘N’ Beautiful MAGIC PEEL is a base coat, an innovative breakthrough formula, which enables you to Peel-off ANY Nail Polish of yours!.

Revolutionary formula
Magic Peel of has Water-based formula, totally healthy for your nails which contains a very original Polymer Resin that guarantees a peel-off removal.

Offers nail protection
Nails are efficiently protected against staining and yellowing due to pigments discoloration..

Made Just For You!

Apply to your nails the Safe ‘N’ Beautiful MAGIC PEEL, let it dry and paint your nails with any nail polish you want. When you want to remove the color just… peel it off!!
Magic Peel crystal clear formula allows you to remove glitters instantly from your nails and forget about the mess of acetone removal.
This unique formula allows frequent glitter changes: perfect for party time or any special occasions! Another category of women is those whose occupations require them in having to remove their nail polish on a daily basis. For instance nurses, models, food factory employees etc.