S’N’B in the quest of nurturing brands with innovative concept committed to natural standards is presenting, S’N’BIO, a NAIL POLISH based on a VEGAN revolutionary formula that combines powerful nature with opulent, long lasting nail color based on the needs for:

  • Natural composition of certified 85% vegetable –origin ingredient
  • Longevity and high performance color for days
  • Reinvention of experience with a organic nail-friendly synthesis.

For once again S’N’B’s breakthrough laboratories have come up with a revolutionary double patented formula that brings powerful nature into a high performance nail polish.
Indeed, S’N’BIO is composed of certified 85% natural-origin ingredients such as potato, corn, wheat, manioc, sugarcane and cotton.

  • The shine is fantastically luminous with outstanding longevity.
  • The pay-off is opulent and gorgeous in two coats.
  • The application remains extremely easy and seamless for a perfect colour distribution with even coverage.
  • The drying time is pleasant.


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