Gold rush. Precious efficiency and care to condition and revitalize dry nails and cuticles.

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Anti-aging Gold Elixir



Users with dry, damaged and weak nails who want to nourish their nails and value the incorporation of precious ingredients in nail care products



* Water-based fast-absorbed massage gel that restores smoothness, tonicity and radiance

* Enriched with Gold, exclusive generation of nail care to combat drying and splitting of nails and cuticles, and naturally prompt healthy nail growth

* Non-greasy powerful nail and cuticle conditioner to use on the go


Technical characteristics

* Paraben-free

* Solvent-free

* Non-flammable

* Contains a UV filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing

* In compliance with the main regulations


Formulation Key Points

* Enriched with Gold

* Clear water-based gel to preserve the efficiency of actives ingredients

* Concentrated in large Golden jewels for striking on-shelf impact


Key ingredients

* Colloidal Gold

* Amino acid derivative

* Keratin-like peptide

* D-Panthenol

* Glycerin

* Violet rose scent



* Suspension of micro-particles of precious metal, anti-inflammatory

* Anti-oxidizing, energizing, anti-aging

* Efficiently targeted active ingredient for damaged nails

* Well-proven efficient hydrating active ingredient for the nail

* Emollient

* Delicate flowery fragrance


Instructions for use

* Apply on bare nails and on nail contour

* Massage in to facilitate its absorption

* Re-apply as needed

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