Stubborn nails won’t grow? Try a magic potion … and watch them grow!

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Growth Magic



Users with short and poor nails that just won’t grow, looking for a nomadic alternative to oil-based products to stimulate nail growth



* Water-based fast-absorbed massage gel containing powerful naturally derived ingredients targeted to condition nails and prompt healthy nail growth

* Micro-encapsulated actives efficiently dissolve upon application to release an inflow of hydrating vitamins to moisturize nails and cuticles


Technical characteristics

* Paraben-free

* Solvent-free

* Non-flammable

* Limited color fading

* In compliance with the main regulations


Formulation Key Points

* Green water-based gel texture containing blue micro-encapsulated vitamins

* Bright colored beads for maximum efficiency and striking on-shelf impact

* Enriched with vitamins and plant extracts


Key ingredients

* Glycerin

* Cystin derivative

* Proline derivative

* Blue colored micro-encapsulated vitamin E acetate, vitamin A palmitate

* D-Panthenol

* Seaweed extract

* Nettle extract

* Vitamin C derivative

* Baobab extract

* Flower scent



* Emollient

*Stimulates nail growth

* Regenerating

* Anti-oxidizing, hydrating

* Hydrating, helps improve nail suppleness

* Improves nail growth, activates microcirculation

* Silicium source, helps nail growth

* Anti-oxidizing

* Hydrating

* Delicate flowery fragrance


Instructions for use

Apply on bare nails. Massage in to achieve a better absorption. Re-apply as needed

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